Johns Manville has released a flexible fiberglass duct liner with an R-12 thermal resistivity rating. This insulation is designed specifically to meet the new code requirements set forth by the IECC in 2015 that mandate the use of R-12 insulation on ducts in unconditioned spaces in climate zones 5-8.

The company explained that this new 3-in. liner should be valuable to contractors working in those climate zones. Prior to the new Linacoustic RC product, single-layer, flexible R-12 duct liner was not an available option for the market. As a result, contractors were forced to use two layers of insulation to meet the R-12 standard. The new R-12 duct liner meets the code in just one layer.

Additionally, this duct liner has a glass-mat surface coated with Permacote®, an acrylic, antimicrobial coating designed to help protect the airstream surface. This coating serves a three-fold purpose. First, the company says it helps create a more durable airstream surface. Second, the coating helps guard against dust or dirt entering the substrate, minimizing the potential for microbial growth. Third, the reinforced coating surface provides resistance to incidental water penetration into the fiberglass wool core.

-- Johns Manville