Alea has unveiled its intelligent air management platform called Alea Air. The company said Alea Air transforms basic HVAC systems by replacing standard registers with smart vents that track and adjust temperature, monitor air quality, and sense other environmental variables. The Alea Air platform uses machine learning and predictive analytics to allocate air based on users’ room-by-room temperature preferences.

Alea Air incorporates a host of sensors to construct an accurate model of rooms’ thermal profile and airflow. Infrared sensors accurately track temperature in each room and air quality sensors measure volatile organic compounds
UV and ambient light sensors are used for room environment monitoring and pressure sensors monitor static pressure in the ductwork and protect HVAC systems from air pressure damage. Humidity sensors measure moisture and air temperature, while audio sensors monitor and eliminate “whistling” sounds

Bluetooth and long-range wireless are used for setup and connectivity to a central Airhub™. Individuals and business can pre-order the Alea Air system starting today, by visiting, with shipments beginning in January 2019.