A complete line of high-efficiency radial fans for use in wall-mount air conditioning units, commercial kitchens, and cleanrooms is now available from Rosenberg USA Inc. Designated the DRAD Series, these compact blowers feature forward curved impellers in diameters ranging from 5.24 to 15.75 in. They are ideal for air conditioning evaporator applications from 1.5-ton to 15-ton capacity.

Rosenberg DRAD blowers provide a maximum 8,800 cfm cooling capacity in a space-saving package without external motors, belts, or external shafts. Developed for moving clean air, the fans' impellers are made of galvanized sheet metal directly mounted to the rotor of the external rotor motor.

The company's Charlotte-area warehouse stocks a wide selection of DRAD Series fans ranging from 7-in to 12-in impeller diameters offering airflow rates up to 5,600 cfm at 1-in of static pressure. A full line of accessory products and controls are also available.

The company says the high-efficiency radial fans are speed controllable with a VFD and offer extremely low starting currents. They install in any position. Standard motor protection is achieved using thermal contacts in the fans' motor windings. Custom fan and motor development is available to fulfill particular requirements.

-- Rosenberg USA Inc.