Rosenberg-100713-body.jpgRosenberg introduced its new electronically commutated Unobox fans for data center cooling retrofits. The company has now expanded the Unobox line to include standard AC models for use in harsh environments or where variable frequency drives are already employed. The Rosenberg Unobox extract fan consists of a backward-curved motorized impeller mounted inside a cube-shaped cabinet with an aluminum frame and double skinned side panels. Integral inlet cones are optimized to achieve the best possible airflow and lower the noise level. Side panels are removable so that discharge is possible in different directions. Available in seven fan sizes, 355-mm through 710-mm, and four cabinet sizes, 500-mm through 1020-mm, AC Unoboxes are designed to handle air volumes from 1,800 cfm up to 10,800 cfm (depending on the actual system static pressure). They are ideal for many equipment cooling and HVAC applications. Rosenberg external rotor AC motors have IP54 rating protection.