LG Electronics USA Air Conditioning Technologies is expanding its technology roadshow with a second mobile “LG Power of Excellence” showroom. The mobile showroom gives customers across the United States another opportunity for a hands-on experience with LG’s latest air conditioning technologies.

The new 30-foot-long mobile showroom features LG air conditioning innovations suited for residential and light commercial applications. The new roadshow augments LG’s first mobile showroom launched this spring featuring products designed for commercial applications, which is still touring the United States. The goal of the mobile showrooms is to help educate contractors, distributors, and building owners across the country about advances in both ducted and duct-free LG HVAC systems.

“Expanding our technology roadshow demonstrates LG’s commitment to keep customers abreast of the latest technologies. The second mobile showroom is a unique and innovative means to allow them to experience LG innovations for the residential and light commercial marketplace firsthand,” said Dale Fields, director of distribution sales of Air Conditioning Technologies, LG Electronics USA. “We offer a wide range of products and technologies to suit a variety of projects — regardless of location or climate, and we’re proud to bring those solutions to our customers through this interactive experience.”

Starting in Seattle, the new LG roadshow is scheduled to make stops this fall in Portland, OR, Dallas, and Houston — and then move east for the remainder of the year. The second LG experience roadshow features more than a dozen of LG’s technologies for the residential and light commercial marketplace, including outdoor units, indoor units, and controls.

To participate in the LG Power of Excellence roadshow, contact a local LG representative for the schedule.