LG Electronics USA Air Conditioning Technologies has expanded its North Texas training facility. The new LG Training Academy, located in the Dallas suburb of Farmer’s Branch, TX, is nearly three times the size of LG’s previous facility — now expanded to more than 15,000 sq ft of training and support space. The facility features a hands-on showcase of the latest LG air conditioning and heating technologies as well as a lecture space for interactive training courses.

“We want customers to know when they buy an LG product that they have someone behind them throughout the process, not just at the point of sale,” said Kevin McNamara, senior vice president and general manager of LG Electronics USA Air Conditioning Technologies. “From real-time troubleshooting through our new call center to hands-on training with working systems, our new Dallas facility reflects LG’s commitment to our contractors and representatives.”

The facility features an updated, expanded customer call center, where LG representatives with extensive in-field training can troubleshoot issues over the phone during business hours. LG says its experts can diagnose and solve a problem using equipment in the facility while still on the phone with a customer, streamlining the process and providing solutions faster than ever before. 

The Dallas training facility is among the four LG Training Academies in the U.S., including locations in Orange County, CA; Seacaucus, NJ; and Alpharetta, GA, as well as 30 partner academies across the country.  

For additional information on LG’s training academies and class schedules, visit www.lg-vrf.com and www.lg-dfs.com.