Geoclima has launched its Circlemiser, a new series of high-efficiency air cooled chillers. The company says the new Circlemiser series is characterized by high-performance and efficiency levels, with an increase in EER up to 15%, improving the efficiency already provided by Turbomiser, designed by Geoclima.

The Circlemiser includes special cylindrical condensers and the installation of cascade flooded evaporators. Officials said the special cylindrical condensers have a heat exchange surface increased by 45% compared to traditional condensers, maintaining at the same time the same footprint. Thanks to the increased heat exchanger capacity, this special cylindrical configuration makes it possible to reduce condensing temperature as well as approach temperature.

In addition to cylindrical condensers, Circlemiser chillers are also equipped with cascade flooded evaporators, which lead to the reduction of the delta-T between evaporation temperature and outlet temperature of the fluid.