WaterFurnace International has introduced the Envision® 30-ton water source heat pump, which the company says offers efficiencies that exceed ASHRAE 90.1 standards. Featuring a modular, take-apart design, the 30-ton unit can be moved into a building in two different sections, providing a reduced weight, smaller footprint, and improved maneuverability. Each piece fits in freight elevators and through doorways for convenience. When the unit is ready for installation, the sections can be rejoined.

The unit’s new features also include a VFD with an LCD display, which allows for modifying blower speeds without manual pulley adjustments. Other features include, two high-efficiency Danfoss scroll compressors, two sealed circuits for R-410A refrigerant, dual aluminum air coils, and more.

The manufacturer also reports that the unit has coaxial heat exchangers with copper inner tube and steel outer tube, allowing for maximum heat transfer at normal- and low-water flow rates.

Additional factory-installed features include hot gas reheat, internal two-way valves, and a waterside economizer that circulates water already in the system to provide heating and cooling for the building.