SPX Cooling Technologies has launched its new Recold® LC Evaporative Condenser. The condenser design reduces refrigerant charge by up to 40% and lowers fan energy consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional evaporative condensers, according to company officials.
Well-suited for condensing halogenated refrigerants in supermarket refrigeration systems, small refrigerated warehouses and modular HVAC applications, the Recold LC is an induced-draft counterflow system that incorporates patent-pending heat transfer technology and single-piece installation.

With standard unit heights less than 10.5 ft, the Recold LC meets many municipal code height requirements and offers advantages for rooftop installations where low visibility is important. Benefits include single-piece installation, single-point power connection, factory-installed controls, and factory wiring and testing.

It includes a bolted stainless steel collection basin, and all parts exposed to circulating water are heavy-gauge series 300 stainless steel. For convenience, six to 10 gasketless doors per cell can easily be removed for access to interior components.

-- SPX Cooling Technologies