Automated Logic Corporation (ALC) has expanded its suite of optimization solutions for the WebCTRL® building automation system to include a new chilled water system optimizer. The new WebCTRL chilled water system optimizer minimizes the energy use of the entire chilled water system in a commercial building, including AHUs, fan coils, and other chilled water distribution equipment.

Based on laboratory and field tests, energy savings in the range of 3% to 15% have been achieved, as compared to non-optimized systems.

The optimizer solution consists of an Automated Logic controller, a patent-pending control algorithm, and an integrated dashboard that allows facilities staff to monitor the overall efficiency of the chilled water system from anywhere at any time. In order to achieve overall combined chiller plant and air-side energy savings, the control algorithm intelligently computes the optimum chilled water and condenser water setpoints for the plant, while continuously monitoring plant room and load-side energy consumption.

-- Automated Logic Corporation