Johnson Controls has added a new dashboard for chiller plant operators to its Smart Connected Chillers program. The Smart Connected Chiller Operator Dashboard from Johnson Controls provides chiller plant operators with 24x7 access to chiller trend data and predictive analytics that Johnson Controls factory technicians use to maintain and troubleshoot chillers for their customers. Having this information can help plant operators detect issues before they become future problems.

The Smart Connected Chiller Operator Dashboard delivers information collected through the Smart Connected Chillers platform which collects and analyzes trend and fault data.

Enabled by the Microsoft Azure computing platform, over 3,000 chillers of all makes and models are connected to the Johnson Controls Smart Connected Chillers platform. When used as part of a Johnson Controls planned service agreement, the company claims Smart Connected Chillers have 66% fewer critical emergencies than unconnected chillers.
The new Smart Connected Chiller Operator Dashboard provides remote access to critical alarms, alerts, and analysis on phones and tablets, giving chiller operators access to chiller data wherever they have a mobile connection. In addition, the mobile dashboard saves time by partially automating daily chiller logging processes. The operator dashboard is available as part of Johnson Controls Connected Chillers program and Smart Equipment™ support programs.