Johnson Controls announced the launch of its York YK-EP “Efficiency Plus” water-cooled centrifugal chiller which achieves 5% capacity and efficiency improvements over the previous model. The YK-EP “Efficiency Plus” chiller is ideal for large capacity applications including district cooling, large central plants, and gas-turbine inlet-air cooling.

“The chillers utilize a patent-pending mechanical compression economizer cycle, which couples a primary compressor with an auxiliary economizer compressor, which the company claims makes it more efficient than single stage chillers. Company officials also said that the chiller is able to operate with low entering condenser water temperature (ECWT) down to 55°F trimming instantaneous energy consumption by as much as 50%. The chiller is also capable of operating efficiently with warm ECWT.

YK-EP chillers use a YORK OptiSpeed™ variable speed drive, which can accept medium or high voltage power, saving electrical infrastructure costs and cutting down average annual energy consumption. The chillers are also equipped with the YORK OptiView™ control panel for enhanced chiller control and building management system integration.