LG Electronics USA introduced its single-phase VRF 5-ton heat recovery system for the U.S. market as part of the company’s expanded line-up of energy-efficient LG Multi V S outdoor units. Ideal residential and light commercial installations, the LG Multi V S lineup now includes 2-ton heat pump and 5-ton heat recovery models designed to provide simultaneous heating and cooling even in extreme weather.

The company says new models include a scroll compressor with an increased range of operating speed. This allows the system to closely match compressor speed with demand, which translates to higher efficiency and lower energy bills.
The expansion of the Multi V S lineup to include a 5-ton heat recovery unit provides for simultaneous cooling and heating capabilities and allows for independent control of room temperatures for up to 12 zones.

The 5-ton heat recovery model boasts a slim, compact footprint with a height of less than 5-ft further. The Multi V S lineup is compatible with LG’s full line of indoor units including Art Cool Mirror, Art Cool Gallery, wall-mounted units, and vertical/horizontal air handlers.