LG_water-060914-body.jpgLG Electronics USA has announced the U.S. availability of the LG Multi V Water IV water source unit, a new VRF HVAC system that comes in two configurations: heat pump and heat recovery. Both systems can accommodate up to 64 thermal zones with technology that allows the user to pipe farther, reaching distant areas of a building.
The Multi V Water IV water source units have smaller space requirements and reduced piping needs compared with typical chilled water or water source heat pump systems, reducing the overall construction and material cost of the building and allowing more leasable space for the owner. The smart placement of system components and short pipe lengths result in lower installations and energy costs.

The system also operates with the latest inverter technology, as its scroll compressor is optimized to maximize compressor energy efficiency, which the company says significantly reduces power consumption by delivering an appropriate amount of cooling to all indoor units.

The Multi V Water IV systems also are designed to operate at low sound levels, allowing the unit to be installed virtually anywhere without disturbing tenants or occupants.