SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of the Marley DT Fluid Cooler. The evaporative fluid cooler is an induced-draft counterflow cooler. Its closed-circuit design keeps the process fluid in a clean closed loop. Process fluid is cooled by recirculating water that flows over the outside of heat transfer coils as air induced through the cooler evaporates a small portion of the recirculating water, rejecting heat to the atmosphere.
The company claims the cooler offers higher dry operation capacity in cold weather than fill/coil hybrid coolers, delivers lower fan energy costs compared to forced-draft coolers, and reduces system components compared to open tower and plate heat exchanger (PHE) systems.

The DT Fluid Cooler is available in models in a wide range of footprints, from 8.5-ft by 9-ft to 12-ft by 18-ft to meet the specific process cooling requirements of each customer. It features galvanized steel construction and stainless steel component options, including heat transfer coils and water collection basin. The Marley Geareducer® Drive system delivers low maintenance costs and reliable performance, with a 5-year warranty, according to the company.