Triatek, a manufacturer of airflow control products for laboratory and healthcare applications, has acquired Flow Safe, Inc., a fume hood controls company based in Denville, NJ. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

According to Triatek, Flow Safe's proprietary Variable Face Velocity® (VFV) technology, Stable Vortex® II Fume Hood, and corresponding Stable Vortex® Conversion Kit revolutionized the way fume hood airflow is controlled.

“The strategic acquisition of Flow Safe’s patented technology allows Triatek to offer a robust line of customizable laboratory control options that is unmatched by competitors,” said James Hall, CEO of Triatek. “This acquisition is an exciting time for Triatek as we continue to expand and improve our line of innovative airflow solutions for laboratories.”

Flow Safe’s flagship product, the patented Stable Vortex® II Fume Hood, is a high-performance low air volume hood that creates a vortex to pull toxic air up and away from the user. The low amount of airflow needed to create the vortex results in a byproduct of reduced fume hood energy consumption, which translates into cost savings. The Stable Vortex® II's design also features a vertical triple track sash that increases the user’s visual opening and provides a full body shield against vapors, splashes, and explosions. The same benefits can be applied to existing fume hoods by retrofitting them with the Stable Vortex® Conversion Kit.

“As I retire from Flow Safe, I wish Triatek success in continuing our legacy of improving lab worker safety and energy conservation,” said Robert Morris, the founder of Flow Safe. Morris holds the original patents for closed loop fume hood controls, and he also developed the Variable Face Velocity® technology that is the basis for the Stable Vortex® II Fume Hood.