EdmondsUSA says it has brought to America the first hybrid commercial rooftop ventilator, the ecoPOWER. Available in 3 sizes — 16-in, 24-in, and 36-in diameter throats — the ecoPOWER is a rooftop ventilator that combines gravity and motorized ventilation. The ecoPOWER is based on a high-performance turbine, which the company says offers higher cfm than gravity ventilators with flat rainproof hats. This gives more free air flow caused by wind, hot, air or both. Edmonds created a hybrid by adding a high-performance EC German motor to offer even higher air flow using very low power.

The company also claims the ecoPOWER has a very efficient cfm to watt ratio and wattage reduces when aided by wind:

  • EP400 (16 in) 1,400 cfm @ 68 watts
  • EP600 (24 in) 2,519 cfm @ 106 watts
  • EP900 (36 in) 5,885 cfm @ 260 watts

Building engineers and architects can use the hybrid rooftop ventilator to reduce the cost of energy for cooling and ventilating warehouses, factories, greenhouses, schools/universities, gymnasiums, wastewater treatment plants, and many other types of buildings.