Hazloc Heaters™, a manufacturer of industrial unit heaters for hazardous and severe-duty locations, introduced the second generation of the Hydronic High Performance (HHP2) series of heat-exchanger unit heaters. The HHP2 series of heat-exchanger unit heaters is designed for rugged industrial applications in steam, hot water, glycol, or other fluid circulating heating systems. The HHP2 series is designed for pressures and temperatures up to 450 psi and 550°F respectively in single-pass and multi-pass core configurations. HHP2 heaters meet ASME requirements with a national CRN to conform to the Safety Codes Act.

The HHP2 series includes 16 models to choose from. HHP2 heater capacities are supported by HTFSTM ACOL thermal performance analysis software. A 30-in fan size model has also been added to the product line which integrates a single multi-wing fan blade and speed reducer instead of two motors and two fan blades as used on other model. Some of the HHP2 heaters are interchangeable with other brands of heaters for greater flexibility.