SolaronicsSolaronics two-stage infrared heaters — true dual low intensity and SunTwin high intensity — shrink operating costs by 40% to 75% while improving comfort and air quality in commercial, industrial, and agricultural buildings.

Fueled by economical natural gas or widely available LP gas (Propane) and requiring no periodic maintenance, the energy-efficient heaters radiate infra-red energy to warm people, floors and work surfaces, providing high comfort levels with safe, quiet and reliable operation in new construction or retrofits to existing buildings such as manufacturing plants; auto repair / body shops; fire stations; farm buildings; warehouses; car washes; maintenance facilities; aircraft hangars; sports arenas.

Operating in high-heat mode when the facility is cool, the heaters automatically power down to the energy-saving low-heat setting when the preselected building temperature is reached. In most buildings the heaters will be at low-heat setting about 90% of the time, keeping energy costs in check.

What distinguishes the patented Solaronics two-stage systems is the precise matching of air to gas ratios at both high- and low-fire stages for optimum combustion efficiency 100% of the time. Excessive overheating is prevented and a softer, more stable and comfortable environment is maintained.

Solaronics True Dual two-stage low intensity tubular heaters are available with input ratings from 85,000/65,000 Btuh (high-heat / low-heat) to 200,000/145,000 Btuh for both Natural Gas and LP gas. The burner is fully assembled and factory tested, ready to hang. Heavy duty 12 gauge heat exchanger is standard, as well as direct spark electronic ignition. Simple chain mounting provides easy installation. Brite finish aluminum reflectors can be angled to direct the heat where needed.

Solaronics SunTwin 2-Stage High Intensity Heaters provide instant heat on demand, reaching maximum operating temperature within one minute. Input ratings are 100,000/50,000 Btuh (high-heat / low-heat) to 200,000/100,000 Btuh for natural gas; 90,000/45,000 to 160,000/80,000 Btuh for LP gas. Factory prewired, pre-piped and tested, with seamless no-weld construction and rugged corrosion-free aluminized steel main frame. Individual SunTwin heaters may be utilized for spot heating or in multiples to heat entire buildings.