In 2005, Swegon introduced the Parasol comfort module for ventilation and waterborne heating and cooling. It provides a fully adjustable 360-degree air spread pattern and a very low noise level. This combination makes it an ideal solution for offices, conference rooms, and many other applications.

An addition to the product family, called ADAPT Parasol, was introduced in 2013. Based on the Parasol platform, but equipped with a unique integrated damper solution, it not only regulates the air flow level, adapting to the actual demand in the room, but also makes sure the cooling and heating output is optimized accordingly. With plug & play connection to higher-level controls, such as Swegon’s own WISE system, the ADAPT Parasol aims to provide greater energy savings potential.

Now Swegon is introducing the Parasol VAV – still taking advantage of the integrated damper solution of the ADAPT Parasol, but with a somewhat different controls solution. According to the company, for typical applications such as offices or larger conference rooms, up to eight Parasol VAV units can be connected to one common control unit.