LOMBARDY, Italy — ECOMAX® cogeneration plants are the perfect synthesis of production efficiency, space saving, and ease of use.

The ECOMAX module guarantees maximum compactness, as it contains all the components within an easily accessible and ergonomic technological layout. Maximum care is placed in the insulation, air conditioning and soundproofing so as to reduce dispersion and noise levels generated by the engine. 

ECOMAX can be delivered and installed at the customer's production unit, in configurations which can be customized according to individual needs

The design and construction of central plants is the result of AB’s engineering skills in defining optimal configurations for individual locations. Skills to which we add professionalism in completing the installation phases even in the most complex conditions.

•           Plug & Play product: ECOMAX is more than an integrated solution; it reduces risks, times and inefficiencies;

•           Quality and reliability: integrated multidisciplinary skills combined with a careful search for excellence;

•           One-stop shop: AB is the only point of reference for the end customer, from the project to the service;

•           Performance: plant availability up to 98% and excellent paybacks for our customers;

•           Compatibility: simplicity of interconnection with existing systems; and

•           Flexibility: ECOMAX does not require a building permit and can easily be relocated.


For more information, visit www.gruppoab.com