AJAX, Ontario, Canada — Swegon’s GOLD RX is a complete air-handling unit with rotary heat exchanger, direct-driven supply air, extract air fans, and supply air and extract air filters.

The unit features temperature efficiency via a heat exchanger up to 85% efficient, airflow up to 16,300 cfm, a variable-speed control for rotary heat exchanger, heat and cooling energy recovery, and more.

Optimized fan sizes give greater freedom to choose exactly the right size of air-handling unit and fan variants to suit the needs of the installation. This also gives even greater possibilities to optimize the energy efficiency of the current project

A rotary heat exchanger consists of an aluminum wheel with numerous small air passages. Energy is transferred between the supply air and extract air or vice versa when the wheel rotates. This is the most energy-efficient heat recovery method with a temperature efficiency that always exceeds 80%. Thanks to a patented design with turbulent flow in the air passages, RECOnomic attains a uniquely high degree of energy efficiency.

Swegon’s rotary heat exchanger is also available in a sorption version (RECOsorptic), which increases the energy efficiency further through the product dehumidifying or recovering moisture depending on the conditions and needs.

On account of the unique combination of purging sector and carry-over control functionality, the risk of leakage between the extract air and supply air is minimized, which ensures the building is always ventilated with fresh air.

To minimize cross-contamination with rotary heat exchangers, it is critical that the pressure gradient from the supply air path to the return air path be properly maintained. All GOLD RX units come with adjustable pressure baffles that are adjusted during commissioning to deliver the correct pressure gradient (0 to 0.08 inches w.c. (0-20 Pa)).

Swegon now offers air quality control dynamic pressure compensation to maintain the correct pressure gradient over a wide range of operating conditions. Demand control ventilation (VAV), filter loading, and building pressurization control are all examples that cause conditions to change and the Air Quality Control feature will automatically adjust to meet these changes.

The Swegon IQLogic controller monitors the pressure gradient within the RX unit and automatically adjusts a damper in the return air path to maintain the correct gradient. This can all be set up through the IQNavigator. For more information, visithttps://swegonnorthamerica.com/products/air-handlingbackup/gold-na-rx