The new lineup of Sine Wave filters from Schaffner EMC eliminate premature motor damage caused by high dv/dt, overvoltages, cable ringing, motor overheating, and eddy current losses caused by VFD.  Suitable for motor frequencies up to 600Hz, this proven technology converts the rectangular PWM output voltage of motor drives into a smooth sine wave with low residual ripple. In addition to elongating service life of high speed motors, Schaffner says its Sine Wave filters can improve bearing life by eliminating circulating bearing currents. Applications include HVAC, pumps, ventilators, and more.

A full product line is available to accommodate a wide range of switching kHZ, and voltage ratings up to 690vac. Motor frequency can manage typically 60hz equipment and higher speed 600hz, with application engineered design for even higher frequencies. Model FN5020 and FN5040 Sine Wave filters are offered as open and enclosed. The product is available for motors up to 200 hp (UL508C) over 200 hp to 800 hp (UL pending).