We got some great news just before shipping this issue to the printer. Stephanie Taylor, MD, who is writing a year-long IAQ column for us, has been invited to be a Fellow in the Royal Society for Public Health (www.rsph.org.uk). The RSPH describes its mission as working to “help inform policy and practice, working to educate, empower, and support communities and individuals to live healthily.” Out in the field, this takes the form of various projects including various conferences and accreditation opportunities, policy work, reports, and campaigns.

Stephanie informs us that she apparently came to the Society’s attention via her February column in our pages, which discussed indoor humidity levels and the sometimes surprising consequences of not maintaining enough of it. When she’s not writing columns (well, and even when she is), she is the CEO of Taylor Healthcare Commissioning in Stowe, VT. Our congratulations to her!

Today: Today’s Boiler

May and November are Today’s Boiler months around here, so if you find one accompanying this issue, be sure to check it out. Today’s Boileris the magazine we produce for and with the help of the American Boiler Manufacturers Association (ABMA).

As usual, this edition of TB features tips and topics from a variety of knowledgeable ABMA member companies. Specifically, the spring roundup explores strategies for reducing emissions, cutting down on steam energy losses, achieving better turbine efficiency, and so forth. Short features on flame detection and the evolution of rental boilers also add interesting info.

However, the National Board has contributed an article about the report they generate to track the various violations they find in their boiler and pressure vessel inspections. It focuses on the main offenders and could help you avoid violations or worse in your own facility. We thought it was important enough, in fact, that we’ve included it in both Today’s Boiler and this month’s issue of ES to maximize its exposure.

Remember that you can also view the digital editions of the last few years of Today’s Boiler anytime you’d like at www.esmagazine.com/boiler. The articles hold up well over time and you get the bonus online convenience of various hyperlinks for your further investigation. It’s handy.


Finally, attentive readers will note that we’re incrementally adding little touches here and there to make the issue more useful. One example is the effort to integrate your print experience with the website’s substantial archives. So at the end of a couple of feature articles this month, you’ll observe a box with some archived features that tie in nicely with the feature at hand.

I have hand-picked these links myself, and we’ve created custom, simpler URL’s for them, so you don’t need a photographic memory to actually turn and use the URL to get to a recommended article online. It’s a small thing, but hopefully it will help a few of you now or later when you could use it.

 Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go ask Dr. Taylor when we get to have tea with Her Majesty.