Pulse-Pure, a physical water treatment technology, provides a complete water treatment system for evaporative cooling equipment. Evapco’s patented Pulse-Pure technology significantly reduces the environmental impacts associated with the use, production, shipping, handling, and storage of chemicals. This environmentally responsible alternative utilizes pulsed electric fields to control microbiological growth, scale, and corrosion.

Recirculating water from evaporative cooling systems passes through the Pulse-chamber where it’s exposed to alternating high-frequency electric fields. These pulsed electric fields impact both the surface charge of small suspended particles and free-floating microbial organisms found in cooling water. Pulse-Pure solves all three critical challenges of water-cooled systems: scaling, biological contaminates, and corrosion.

Evapco offers both factory- and field-mounted Pulse-Pure water treatment systems.  The technology fully eliminates the expense and drawbacks of chemicals, allowing owners to run at higher cycles of concentration, further reducing water consumption.