The Round Rock Independent School District (ISD) in Round Rock, TX, had a vision for a new sleek, modern campus that would foster growth and development for its students. According to the district, they wanted a high school capable of unlocking the hidden abilities of their students and one that would aid their teachers in preparing their students for the next chapter of their lives. Proper ventilation and building aesthetics could accomplish this vision. The result is Cedar Ridge High School.

Cedar Ridge is a two-story, 375,000-sq-ft high school divided into four distinct academies: Academy of International Business and Economics; Academy of Professional Studies; Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; and the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts. Each academy houses its own media center, administration suites, and planning areas for teachers. The common areas for all students are the cafeteria, the athletic facility, and the outdoor courtyard which is considered the heart of campus and is home to several multipurpose events.

The design team and Round Rock ISD wanted this school to be an environmentally-friendly facility. This LEED-certified school has several sustainable elements featured. It uses local limestone materials on the exterior of the buildings and offers an abundance of natural light. All the windows allow natural light to penetrate deep into the occupied spaces.

The HVAC system featured in the high school also contributed toward it achieving LEED certification. Titus has several products installed that provide energy savings for the school. Several areas in the new high school utilize displacement ventilation, which is a unique alternative for air distribution.

The DVIR and DVBC are rectangular displacement diffusers. The DVIR is a unidirectional discharge diffuser designed for flush mount applications. The DVBC has a curved face and discharges air via a three-way pattern. Both units provide air distribution by supplying large volumes of air at low velocities into the occupied zone. Easily adjustable air pattern controllers inside the units can create different airflow patterns in the space to optimize occupant comfort. Some additional products featured in the school are the TMS diffuser and the TRM mounting frame.

The Titus TMSA is a steel diffuser that features adjustable vanes which vary the discharge pattern between vertical and horizontal for heating and cooling applications. These diffusers deliver supply air in a 360-degree pattern and are designed to protect ceilings from smudging. All sizes have the cones providing a uniform appearance. The TRM is an aluminum mounting frame used to make installation of grilles and diffusers and other ceiling components in plaster and sheet rock ceilings as simple as inserting them in a standard T-bar type ceiling. For typical applications, the frame has adjustable fastening clips which adapt to a variety of plaster and sheet rock ceiling thicknesses.

According to Titus officials, numerous studies have been done on the importance of proper ventilation in schools, and Cedar Ridge High School has a state-of-the-art HVAC system that is providing superior performance that will contribute to the success of students and faculty.