Trane-020215-body.jpgSintesis chillers are part of the Ingersoll Rand EcoWise™ portfolio of products that are designed to lower environmental impact with next-generation, low global warming potential refrigerants and high efficiency operation. The chiller will be available in capacities from 110 to 210 tons (second quarter 2015) and 250 to 500 tons (fourth quarter 2015).

Sintesis features the Trane Adaptive Frequency™ Drive (AFD). According to Trane, the AFD improves part-load efficiency by more than 25% with minimal impact on full-load performance. Sintesis is also available with electronically commutated (EC) motors that use less energy than conventional copperwound motors. Compact, high-efficiency, integrated, low refrigerant (CHIL) evaporator and microchannel coil design are also part of the chiller.  Sintesis requires up to 40% lower chiller refrigerant charge than previous

The chiller is also designed to operate with either R-134a or DuPont’s Opteon® XP-10 (R-513A), a next-generation, low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant.