Trane-071514-body.jpgTrane is introducing an enhanced Trane® Optimus™ helical rotary water-cooled chiller now available with the Trane® Adaptive Frequency™ drive (AFD). The AFD adjusts motor speed based on demand to reduce energy consumption and, as a result, energy costs. The Optimus chillers have cooling capacities ranging from 150 to 430 tons, making them ideal cooling solutions for most buildings, including high-occupancy schools, hospitals, and hotels.

Trane Tracer™ controls allow building owners to regulate system performance for increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption. The Optimus chiller can control water temperature variance within 0.5°F. This level of precision enables the Optimus chillers to manage industrial or low-temperature process cooling and humidity in critical applications, said company officials. The chiller can produce temperatures as low as 10°F for quick-freezing applications, like ice rinks. When operating in heat-recovery mode, the Optimus chiller generates condenser water temperatures as high as 114°F, which can reheat air at VAV boxes, preheat air for air handlers, and be used for snow-melting processes.