EX3-120814-body.jpgEmerson Climate Technologies Flow Controls launched its new EX3 electronic expansion valve. The company says the EX3 is a stepper-motor driven electronic expansion valve that provides precise mass flow control and high energy efficiency for supermarket showcases and cold rooms with multiple parallel evaporators.  

The EX3 has an integrated solenoid mechanism allowing it to shut off the refrigerant line automatically in case of power interruption without requiring an external battery or any other energy-storing devices. Officials also said the IP67 rating of EX3 ensures outstanding performance even under the most severe working conditions, while the valve body design provides the benefits of easy on-site commissioning, maintenance, and service. In contrast, conventional thermal expansion valves are sensitive to the load changes that occur seasonally. System superheat settings and evaporator controls can fluctuate greatly during hot or cold outdoor conditions or changing case loads, negatively impacting energy efficiency and causing case temperature instability.