Cummins-102014-body.jpgCummins Power Generation has developed a new line of all-diesel generator sets to help small businesses such as gas stations, grocery stores, health clinics, telecommunication facilities, and more remain open and operational even during extended power outages and in extreme weather.

According to the company, the new 10 kW to 40 kW generator set range is designed to provide dependable, permanently installed backup power that is immediately available in emergencies. The generator units can withstand extreme weather conditions including winds up to 180 mph.

In designing its new line of generator sets, Cummins Power Generation focused first on power reliability. The all-diesel series is powered by three different engine platforms, including a 1.7 liter three-cylinder engine for the 10 kW C10 D6 and 15 kW C15 D6 models, a 2.2 liter three-cylinder engine for the 20 kW C20 D6 model, and four-cylinder engines for the 25 kW to 40 kW models. The models from 25 kW to 40 kW feature the 3.3 liter Cummins 4BT3.3-G5 engine. All units are equipped with Cummins CA series alternators, developed exclusively for this family of generators, which feature a brushless design to extend alternator life and minimize maintenance requirements.

Both engine platforms operate at 1,800 RPM and are designed to be super quiet, thanks to advanced sound attenuation design and testing conducted at Cummins Power Generation’s Acoustical Testing Center (ATC). The enclosures that house the sets are also sound attenuated and feature durable all-aluminum construction designed to eliminate water ingress. The enclosures are coated for resistance to corrosion, and come in sandstone or green color options.  

To ensure adequate diesel fuel storage, all of the new units have the option of basic fuel tanks with a capacity for a full 24 and 48 hours of run time, and regional tanks with capacity for a full 24, 48, 72 or 96 hours of runtime without requiring fuel delivery. To meet local code requirements across North America, regional fuel tanks can be ordered with optional features/accessories and IBC certification for seismic and wind protection.  Ordering customized fuel tanks as part of the generator set can minimize additional installation costs.  
Units are available with the optional PowerCommand® 500/550 remote monitoring device for web-based accessibility to diagnostics plus notifications via email or text.  The overall accessibility of the system is also improved with a user friendly icon-based graphic interface, said company officials.

The units meet all EPA emissions regulations for emergency and stationary generators, as well as UL 2200, IBC, seismic and NFPA 110 standards. The new series is fully supported by the Cummins distributor network throughout North America.