Grasslin-090114-body.jpgGrässlin GmbH has introduced a new portfolio of motion and presence detectors designed to lower energy costs and consumption.  The Talis MW 180-12-1 is for outdoor lighting, such as entrances and driveways. The detector can be installed wherever light is needed upon arrival. According to the company, all that is needed is a screwdriver to secure the device to the desired wall. Then use the three knobs at the bottom of the device to adjust the detection range, switching time, and light level.

For indoor detection is the flush-mount Talis MF 360-8-1. The detector is flush-mounted into the ceiling, leaving it out of sight of patrons. Each detector features a 360-degree detection angle to help guarantee reliable switching.  Use the knobs on the side of the device to adjust switching time and light level and then install the cover over the knobs before you conceal their appearance in the ceiling.

When you retrofit a building with motion detectors it is not always possible to hide the appearance of the devices in the ceiling. With this in mind, the surface-mount Talis MS 360-7-1 features a noticeable modern design that easily blends into a business facility. The device provides reliable light switching at the point of installation.  
The company says even more energy can be saved by combining the motion or presence detectors with matching Grässlin products. Switch your time switches, room thermostats, and light control by connecting them with Talis devices.