Larson-072214-body.jpgLarson Electronics has released a Class 1 Division 1 explosion proof fan/blower designed for use on a 220 volts AC electrical power system. This explosion proof blower meets UL and ATEX standards for hazardous locations and provides high 4,450+ cfm output for effective airflow in larger spaces.

The EPF-E16-4450-220V explosion proof fan from Larson Electronics has a 15-ft static conductive duct that redirects stale air from hazardous location areas. This portable, electric explosion proof blower features a high efficiency 1.5-hp motor. which is fully encapsulated with a precision balanced, non-sparking aluminum blower blade for high output and protection against accidental ignitions. This fan has a 16-in intake and exhaust flanges and produces over 4,450 cfm of air output for movement of air in large areas. This fan also features a light weight, high strength, anti-static glass reinforced ABS housing that is corrosion proof and chemical resistant with an IP65 rated and rain tested switch enclosure.

This explosion proof fan/blower operates on high voltage 220 volts AC with an 18 amp initial draw and a 5 amp constant draw after startup. This unit comes complete with a 30-ft cord fitted with a 25 amp, 5-15 explosion proof twist-lock plug. The included 15-ft duct is a single-ply polyester reinforced PVC vinyl fabric hose design with an external wear strip reinforced with a spring steel wire helix. It is lightweight for blower applications and highly compressible. Ambient operating temperature for this unit ranges from -20°F to 180°F.