Larson Electronics released an explosion proof portable air chiller with a 34-gallon water tank. The EPF-AC-30 from Larson Electronics is a hazardous location cooler that combines a fan and dry mist technology to cool Class 1 Division 1 work areas that do not have access to traditional air conditioning.

This portable cooling unit has a 34-gallon water tank and two separate water filters to cool the work environment 20-30 degrees for up to eight hours. This portable cooling system will automatically shut off once the water reservoir is empty, eliminating the concern of burning the pumps up. Using dry mist technology, this unit ensures that the work environment stays dry while lowering the ambient temperature. This unit comes with 30-in spark proof aluminum blades and enclosed wires and motors. The cooler is transferred with 6-in wheels and is powered by a 20-ft cord terminated in an explosion proof plug.

Measuring 66 in tall by 36 in wide and 39 in deep, the evaporative cooling unit can reach an evaporation zone of 5 ft to 10 ft. With a fan unit running at 26 miles per hour, this portable misting unit can chill down any industrial or commercial space in need of a cool down. The company says one tank can easily last an entire work shift so there is no need for messy hose connections running throughout the work space. It is designed to be self-maintaining, therefore operators don’t need to interrupt their work to replace pads or clean the nozzles.