Bosch-021014-body.jpgBosch Thermotechnology has launched its new LM Series water-to-water (W2W) heat pump line for new commercial and retrofit applications. The LM Series includes five models from 2 to 6 tons. They can be used in horizontal and vertical configurations depending on the application, and feature a two-speed scroll compressor and a commutated motor as standard components for efficiency and comfort. They achieve up to 32 EER part load and up to 22 EER full load.

The company claims the LM Series units were designed using the optimal combination of compressor, water, and air coils to provide peak performance and are rated to withstand 600 PSIG working refrigerant pressure and 400 PSIG working water pressure. Heavy duty heat pump compressors are used in all LM Series units. These two capacity compressors unload when demand is low in heating or cooling modes. When demand is high the compressor switches to full capacity, matching the load demand for heating or cooling.

All LM units have a floating base consisting of a high density rubber pad at the base of the unit on which the compressor is mounted assisted by rubber grommets to prevent vibration and noise transmission from the compressor to the unit structure.  LM units come standard with a 1 in MERV 5 construction filter.  An optional MERV 13 filter is available for premium air filtration on commercial HVAC projects.