Bosch Thermotechnology introduces its upgraded model in the Greensource CDi series: the Bosch SM Rev C Geothermal Heat Pump, featuring the new Heat Pump Control (HPC) microprocessor, which can communicate with the new Bosch EasyStart app. 
According to Bosch officials, the SM model is redesigned with an intuitive user interface and advanced electronics controls to make it easier for contractors to communicate with the unit.

With the Bosch EasyStart app, technicians no longer need to open the physical unit to configure it using DIP switches and/or cut resistors. They can commission the unit by configuring up to 24 optional settings for customizable comfort, as well as view the real-time status of components and system temperatures to aid in start-up, troubleshooting, and diagnostics.

The SM now comes with eight thermistors (temperature sensors) that are strategically placed within the SM unit cabinet. The thermistors relay temperature readouts such as entering water, leaving water, return air, discharge air, discharge refrigeration, freeze evaporate, freeze coaxial, and domestic water to the HPC and EasyStart app. For unit communication, the local Wireless Interface Module allows for remote install and monitoring within a 20-foot unobstructed radius.

For in-depth diagnostics, the system tracks the latest 70 faults and highlights the full history with current faults and component correlation. Additionally, contractors can now set the system to run an automatic troubleshooting sequence using “Test Mode.”

The Bosch EasyStart app is available for Windows laptops, iOS tablets in the App Store or Android tablets in Google Play Store.

--Bosch Thermotechnology