Mitsubishi-061713-body.jpgMitsubishi Electric updated its variable refrigerant flow WR2- and WY-Series Modular Water Source Units. Both the WR2- (heat recovery) and WY-Series (heat pump) are available in smaller and lighter units with plate type heat exchangers, and both systems operate in either cooling or heating modes. The updated units are designed for buildings with closed boiler water tower or geothermal loop systems.  The WY Series is available up to 30 tons and can connect to up to 50 indoor units, while the WR2 Series is available up to 20 tons and connects to up to 50 indoor units as well. Both systems feature expanded entering water temperatures of 23°F to 113°F. The W-Series units can be installed floor by floor inside a building, offering a solution for building managers who need to install equipment indoors. Refrigerant, water, and electrical connections on the front of the units allow side-by-side installations or stacking with the proper structural support. The WR2- and WY-Series systems can be connected to any of the VRF indoor units and can be operated and managed with the CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN), which offers a variety of tools and software applications to provide local and centralized control over a building’s HVAC systems.