Firelite-051313-body.jpgThe Emergency Command Center (ECC) is a mass notification system capable of integrating with virtually any brand of fire alarm system. According to Fire-Light Alarms by Honeywell, this provides an economical solution for communicating critical messages, general announcements, and more, throughout a facility. The ECC’s scalable design enables building owners to purchase only what is needed, with ample capacity for future expansions. A user interface provides users with the ability to send out live messages called in from any phone. Fire-Lite Alarms has also created the ECC to seamlessly interface with new and existing fire alarms systems to reduce costs and leverage the reliability of these systems as mandated by code. All Fire-Lite Alarms products are non-proprietary, meaning parts are readily available and accessible. Plus, facilities are never locked into only one installer or service provider. The ECC system has a variety of interchangeable components that make it customizable to meet a broad range of facilities’ emergency communication needs. As many as 14 pre-recorded messages can be customized to the general paging and emergency communications needs of any facility. By allowing a maximum of one minute per message, the ECC can support detailed instructions and bilingual communications. The ECC can also be used for non-emergency functions such as live paging or background music.