The new low voltage MCC provides superior equipment and personnel protection and meets UL 845 standards and available in a variety of unit types.

ABB-100112-body.jpgThe ABB Low Voltage Products division has released the MNS-MCC Low Voltage Motor Control Center, the first motor control center designed to address the causes of arc flash incidents while providing superior equipment and personnel protection. In developing the MNS-MCC ABB took the primary features of a globally proven IEC product and incorporated them into a unique, comprehensive low voltage motor control center that meets UL 845, CSA C22.2 and IBC-2006 standards. To achieve the greatest possible flexibility and minimize factory downtime, the MNS-MCC offers plug-in type, withdrawable type, and full height unit technology, with up to 4000A horizontal bus and 1600A vertical bus. Its innovative design is available in a variety of unit types, including starters, softstarters, VFDs, and mains and feeder breakers.

The MNS-MCC provides operators the highest degree of safety and efficiency during normal operation and while performing maintenance. No other MCC allows the operator to remove a unit with the door closed, with no tools, without disconnecting any wires. This easy bucket removal encourages work to be performed outside the arc flash boundary.

“ABB is the global leader in providing safe and reliable low voltage motor control centers,” said Casey McCollum, MNS-MCC product manager at ABB. “Now the same design philosophy is available for the ANSI/NEMA market. MNS-MCC will change the expectations of MCCs in North America.”

The new motor control center is targeted for markets with UL-845, CSA or NOM requirements, and in applications where Arc Flash is a concern, including: substations; critical power facilities such as hospitals and data centers; oil rigs; chemical plants; mining facilities; steel mills; paper mills; and water and wastewater facilities.

Additional benefits of the MNS-MCC include:

Safe and Reliable: it meets ANSI C37.20.7 Arc Flash requirements without a current limiting main device or installation restrictions; a multifunction wall provides a fault free zone with a touch safe IP20 rating; and bus shutters are not required.

Easy to Use and Maintain:allows front access to all compartments; all unit wiring terminals are located in the vertical wireway; and delivers a reduction in PPE from level 2 to level 0 per table 130.7(c) in NFPA.

 Maximum Flexibility:features a UMC-100 intelligent overload relay; allows components to communicate with other equipment; and has the highest busbar ratings in the industry, and can be used in lieu of a switchboard or switchgear.