ABBABB has released the new PSE soft starter family, the world’s first compact soft starter with two-phase torque control. Additional features include built-in class selectable electronic overload, built-in bypass and a LCD display. It is ideal for any application where space is limited but advanced functionality is required. Along with the existing ABB soft starter families it is now possible to find the ideal ABB soft starter for virtually any application and industry segment.  The PSE features an efficient, compact design, and is suitable for all common applications including centrifugal pumps, fans, blowers, chillers, compressors, and conveyor belts.


Easy to Set-up and Use

The market demands electrical devices that are easy to set-up and easy to use, and the PSE responds with a language neutral backlit display and a simple four button keypad. In addition, the built-in bypass reduces the number of connections, making it easy to mount and decreasing both the time and cost of installation.


Reliable and Rugged

The PSE soft starter is designed to ensure exceptional reliability even in tough and harsh environments. All circuit boards have a protective coating ensuring a reliable operation for environments like wastewater plants where corrosive gases and acids may exist. Torque control reduces fluid surges during the starting and stopping of centrifugal pumps. ABB’s patented two-phase torque control ensures balanced control of all three phases and eliminates the DC component during the starting and stopping of the motor. The sophisticated control algorithm continuously monitors and generates commands which control motor torque to reduce the possibility of water hammering by smoothly accelerating and decelerating the motor. This makes the PSE soft starter an excellent choice for pumping applications where water hammering is a problem.



The PSE has been designed to provide endusers with a soft starter with the most important features without adding unnecessary complexity. Referred to as “the efficient range”, the PSE will earn its moniker by providing unmatched value for the installed cost, and by the energy savings the built-in bypass will provide during its operational lifetime. 


With the addition of the PSE, the ABB soft starter portfolio includes three distinct ranges making it possible to find a suitable soft starter for almost all possible applications and motor sizes up to 1800A:

  • PSR: the most compact ABB soft starter range allowing for the design of compact starting equipment. Two-phase control with built in bypass contactor; does not include built-in electronic overload.
  • PSE: the new, efficient range, featuring a compact design and most major functionality features.
  • PST: the advanced range, three-phase control with built in electronic overload and the full range of advanced functionality.




  • PST(B) – a PST with the addition of a bypass contactor.