KE2-100112-body.jpgThe company’s evaporator controller provides solution for icing issues in walk-in freezers.

Designed for walk-in coolers, freezers, and refrigerated warehouses the KE2 Evaporator Efficiency controller (KE2 Evap) is unique not only for its approach to energy saving defrost control, but also the benefit it provides in reducing or eliminating ice buildup in freezers.

The ice, which is typically a result of excessive defrosts and moisture being pulled from food, has been eliminated completely in most cases, while maintaining even tighter temperature control than before the KE2 Evap was installed. The KE2 Evap accomplishes this by only defrosting when needed, and by controlling the defrost heater temperature, which stops unnecessary heat being poured into the space.

In addition to relieving icing problems, and holding tighter temperature the controller can send alarm alerts/text messages directly to your phone or PC, providing immediate notification of a system issue. With the KE2 Evap, the system can be managed remotely using a smart phone, Android tablet or PC. And, the controller can be used as a troubleshooting tool by accessing the current system performance screen, or by checking the last 5 days of performance data.

 Other benefits include the ability to log up to 30 days of data in 10-minute intervals. The logging covers 15 parameters including all temperature, pressure, digital inputs and alarms. Eliminating the need to manually record data.