Desert-Aire-1-03-26-12-body.jpgThe CM35xx Series controllers are matched for each Desert Aire product.

This two-page brochure features Desert Aire’s CM35xx Series controllers. Included are product photos, a detailed description of the line, a list of features, and information on system display options.

The CM35xx series controllers are now available on Desert Aire’s TotalAire™ (QS Series), VerticalAire™ (QV Series), ExpertAire™ LC/LV Series), LT Low Temperature Dehumidifiers, and the ND/SA Dehumidifiers for large capacity applications. The CM35xx controllers are uniquely programmed for each Desert Aire application providing energy efficient moisture removal and precise temperature and humidity control.

The CM35xx controllers offer greater compatibility with BMS than previous control platforms. Optional communication modules for the CM35xx include: LonWorks®, BACnet™ Ethernet™, BACnet™ MS/TP or Modbus®. The CM35xx has a built in time clock for occupied scheduling should a BMS not be present on your project. A user interface to the CM35xx is supplied on each unit. This backlit LCD display provides easy to navigate screens for setpoint adjustment and unit monitoring. All Inputs and Outputs along with alarm history can be viewed from the user interface to aid in unit or system diagnostics. The interface is either supplied as a built-in display on the face of the controller or as a separate remote display terminal that is connected to the controller.