Chicago-Blower-073012-body.jpgThe new Class IV fan features an expanded performance range.

Chicago Blower’s Design 51 Backward Inclined fan is now available with AMCA Class IV construction reaching higher speeds and expanded performance.

Where the airfoil version has been used for clean air applications for decades, the Backward Inclined is built for harsher environments and high pressure systems. Typical applications include oven circulators, dust collectors, fume exhausters, emission control systems, and industrial supply, or exhaust systems.

Chicago’s Design 51 BI was engineered with a hyperbolically spun wheel cone and streamlined inlet air glide path to deliver the widest stable operating range in the industry. The fan performs reliably in many installations that traditionally use less efficient radial bladed fans and custom narrow width fans requiring larger horsepower motors. The single width Design 51 BI wheel is also suited for high temperature airstreams to 800°F.

Previously available only as a designed-per-order fan, Chicago’s Design 51 BI fans are pre-engineered with cataloged Construction Classes I, II, III, and IV to meet various industrial application needs. Class IV Fans are offered in Sizes 150 to 807, pressures to 28 in. wg and volumes to 263,000 cfm. Several AMCA arrangements, including 1, 8, 9, and 10, meet most installation requirements.