Emerson Climate Technologies release eBook on compressor electronics.

Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson, has launched an eBook titled, “Understanding Compressor Electronics,” designed to serve as a resource to the HVACR industry on this emerging technology. Since October, the eBook has had thousands of downloads of each chapter.

In addition, hundreds of HVACR industry professionals joined Emerson’s “Understanding Compressor Electronics” webinar last week. The webinar is now available free on demand at The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration News website.

As a leader in compressor electronics, Emerson created the eBook and webinar to take an in-depth look at the dynamics of compressor electronics in the HVACR industry and how this technology is helping enhance system performance and reliability.

All four chapters of the “Understanding Compressor Electronics” eBook are currently available on the Emerson Climate Technologies website.

The eBook consists of four chapters:

Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Compressor Electronics

Chapter 2 – Addressing Key Industry Issues

Chapter 3 – How Compressor Electronics Work

Chapter 4 – Advanced Capabilities Delivered by Electronics