Desert-Aire-02-27-12-body.jpgThe company has released its packaged air cooled DOAS, which expands its TotalAire™ dehumidifier product line.

Desert Aire is offering an expansion to their TotalAire™ series dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) and high outside air systems (HOAS). 

The newly released QS Compact is based upon the performance of the company’s original TotalAire™ dehumidifiers.  The initial release includes 10-, 12-, and 15-ton units for airflows of 1,150 cfm to 4,250 cfm.  This product is targeted for commercial applications where a DOAS or HOAS is needed for treatment of the outdoor air ventilation. 

  • Advantages of the QS Compact TotalAire™ Series include:
  • Smaller size than previous packaged air cooled design
  • Natural or LP gas-fired indirect auxiliary heat option
  • Innovative sloped roof design and materials
  • Industry leading moisture removal capabilities
  • HOAS versions allow for dehumidification of space during unoccupied times or for use with demand control ventilation applications.

All TotalAire™ dehumidifies offer Desert Aire’s CM3500 controller.  This controller, supplied by Carel USA, offers communication protocols including:  BACnet™ MS/TP, BACnet IP/Ethernet, LonWorks®, and  Modbus®. 

Desert Aire plans to expand the offering in 2012 to include a small cabinet containing the 3-, 5-, and 8-ton units and a large cabinet that would house the 20-, 25-, and 30-ton units.