Qpump-050214-body.jpgDesert Aire has unveiled its new Q-Pump Inverter + that uses a variable speed driven compressor. The Q-Pump Inverter + is incorporated into DOAS that are being installed on a geothermal, hybrid or tower/boiler loop, and delivers conditioned air to a building optimizing the performance of its heating and cooling systems. The Q-Pump Inverter + replaces Desert Aire’s Q-Pump. The new variable speed driven compressor’s fluctuating output and power consumption follow a linear format making it up to 42% more efficient than other DOAS heat pump technology, according to the manufacturer. The company also claims a facility can expect an average of $2,000 to $5,000 savings in heating and cooling bills depending upon its utility rate. The unit constantly monitors evaporator and outdoor air conditions to meet the user-defined dew point set points. At off-peak conditions, the power consumption is reduced exponentially by modulating the compressor to meet the incoming air loads. The system only uses the exact capacity to achieve the desired air conditions.