PottorfThe company has received Miami-Dade approval for its louver EFD-637-MD and ECD-545-MD.

Pottorff louver models EFD-637-MD and the ECD-545-MD have received the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance for a 150 psf rating. This approval now allows single section louver heights up to 144 inches and widths to 48 inches. Multiple section louver systems also are permitted, as well as special shapes.

 Both models now can allow single-section louvers to be installed in concrete, wood, and steel beam building conditions using simple mechanical anchorage applications. These applications eliminate the need for expensive epoxy anchors in the concrete mounting. The two models can be supplied with an aluminum sleeve option for single-section louvers, which allows the louver to be installed without any hardware penetrating the building condition.