EscoHeat pump units have become systems of choice for heating and cooling requirements in many areas due to their increased efficiencies, adaptability, and dependability.

Technology is continually changing. This manual will keep you up-to-date with those changes and prepare you to meet new challenges and develop to meet the challenges ahead. The heat pumps covered in this book are basic systems.

The intent of the book is to offer technicians information to build upon, in order to enhance their knowledge of the air conditioning and heating field, and more specifically, heat pumps. This book covers problems and provides solutions to refrigerant charging, indoor airflow calculation, and methods of preventing unnecessary heat pump malfunctions.

ESCO Press has released a new training manual "Heat Pumps · Operation · Installation · Service" to provide HVACR personnel with a comprehensive overview of the heat pump system, its operations and principles. The manual provides an understanding of heat pump theory, installation procedures, service techniques and troubleshooting methods. The topics covered in the book include: heat pump basic principles of operation, system components, air flow, defrost methods, balance point, electric heat, electrical control wiring, refrigerant piping, installation, refrigerant charging, troubleshooting, dual fuel systems, and geothermal systems.

With today's energy demands and costs soaring there is a tremendous need for highly efficient equipment, and trained technicians that can install, service and maintain this equipment. A heat pump's efficiency isgreatly diminished if it is not properly installed, serviced and maintained.  

"Heat Pumps · Operation · Installation · Service" is now available through many HVACR wholesalers, school and online bookstores for $39.95

HVACR educators and trainers interested in the training manual have access to a full training package. The training package includes a resource disc with an instructor's guide, Power Point with speaker's notes and a heat pump certification exam.

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