Tjernlund Products, Inc.  has introduced a Constant Operating Pressure Control (COP) for its RT-Series line of rooftop inducers. The COP Control enables the inducer to maintain a user set system pressure by modulating the inducer motor speed to meet fluctuating draft and exhaust demands while reducing inducer motor power consumption by up to 70%.

RT-Series fans paired with the Draft COP control are compatible with non-condensing modulating gas and oil-fired heaters and multiple heaters tied into a common vent. The Draft COP includes the ability to interlock with the heater(s) it serves.

Applications for inducer fans and the Exhaust COP control include exhausting multiple clothes dryers in a common vent or controlling pressure in an exhaust chase serving multiple floors.

According to Tom Tjernlund, Tjernlund Products President, the COP control brings benefits of expensive demand-based draft and exhaust systems used in larger commercial HVAC projects within financial reach of light commercial and multi-family applications.  Installations require no special training or wiring.

Tjernlund RT-Series fans can be mounted on tile-lined chimneys or metal flues and ducts. Features include a patented auxiliary cooling system to protect the fan motor from excessive heat as well as backward inclined stainless steel fan blades that repel soot or lint build-up. The clamshell design-separate base plate and fan assembly are hinged-facilitates installation. During inspection or servicing, the fan assembly can be tilted away from the base plate for complete accessibility to the chimney or vent interior.

Tjernlund rooftop inducers and COP controls are available through HVAC, Plumbing and Industrial Distributors.

Additional information about Tjernlund rooftop draft inducers and COP controllers is available at or by calling 800-255-4208.