Tjernlund-08-27-12-body.jpgThis rooftop inducer brochure explains constant operating pressure control.

A brochure featuring rooftop inducers is available from Tjernlund Products, Inc. The inducers, now being offered with a constant operating pressure control (COP), are designed for installation on top of masonry or metal chimneys. They provide proper draft for gas and oil heating systems and solid fuel fireplaces and stoves as well as exhaust functions for multiple clothes dryers in a common vent or controlling pressure in an exhaust chase serving multiple floors.

According to Tom Tjernlund, Tjernlund products president, the COP control brings benefits of expensive demand-based draft and exhaust systems used in larger commercial HVAC projects within financial reach of light commercial and multi-family applications. 

Installation requires no special training or wiring. Other Tjernlund rooftop inducer features include a patented auxiliary cooling system to protect the inducer motor from excessive heat as well as backward inclined stainless steel fan blades that repel soot build-up. The unique clam shell design — separate base plate and fan assembly — are hinged for easier installation and inspection or chimney cleaning.

The literature also contains available accessories plus selection/sizing charts for various heating sources.