Kele, Inc. has introduced the latest addition to its extensive product line―the AMI300 Indoor Air Quality Analyzer, the AQ100/200 Indoor Air Quality Meters, the SL100/200 Solarimeters, and the MP100/200 Manometers.  These hand-held tools make analyzing on-site applications simple.

The AMI300 is the ultimate all-in-one tool for measurement and verification of air quality including temperature and differential temperature, humidity, dewpoint, wet bulb, enthalpy, air pressure and air velocity, CO2, CO, current and voltage.

The AQ100 is an economical, fixed probe, hand-held air quality sensor for ambient temperature and CO2 measurement.  The AQ200 has interchangeable measurement modules, as opposed to a fixed probe, and is available in popular "kits" with temperature/CO2/humidity or temperature/CO2/humidity/CO, for example.

The SL100 and SL200 are perfect for verification of solar panel orientation or for spot checking solar energy where photovoltaic cells are being used to generate electricity.

The MP100 have a built-in pressure sensor and come with tubing and a carrying case. The MP200 comes in different pressure range models and has interchangeable measurement modules including temperature (thermo), air velocity (anemo), and air flow with pitot tube.

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